Easy Task Management to Make Sure All Your Locations Run Smoothly

Are you still wrangling with paper checklists and dry-erase boards?

zignyl makes task management easy and effective: Stop worrying about compliance and know that things get done.

And with integrated training material, your employees perform at their best.


Say Goodbye to Paper Checklists:

Task Management To Get Things Done

Paper checklists and dry-erase boards are old-school. And when did you update them for the last time to incorporate that new operations manual?

With zignyl, all daily tasks live in the location dashboard: A tablet that reminds your crew what needs to be done when. Quick, easy and effective.


Stop Worrying About Compliance:

Get Notified What's Done And What Isn't

All daily tasks are right within zignyl. Your crew just ticks them off as they go about their day.

And if not? The responsible manager gets notified instantly. You know exactly where to pay attention to and if there are any red flags.

With zignyl, you can make sure all your locations are running smoothly, even if you're not there. Peace of mind for you, and no more unpleasant surprises from the health department.


Get The Best Out Of Your Team:

Integrated Training Material

How do you change that water filter again? And where do you find the time to explain everything to the new crew member?

zignyl makes your team perform at its best: complex tasks come with detailed instructions, and some even with training materials and videos attached.

No more searching for instruction manuals!

Say No to Busywork & Start Growing Your Franchise Business with zignyl.


Let Nothing Slip Through The Cracks:

Task Completion Reports

With zignyl, you finally get transparency and see exactly what is going on across all your locations and brands.

The task completion report shows what gets done on time, what gets done late and what slips through the cracks.

And by drilling down to certain locations, employees or categories like "health department", you'll quickly know which areas need your attention.


Start Right Off The Bat:

Pre-Loaded Tasks For All Your Brands

Running a successful franchise operation requires hundreds of tasks to be completed each day.

The good news: zignyl comes pre-loaded with all regular tasks, taken directly from your brands' operations manuals.

Start with a great foundation and tweak everything to your needs and operations as you see fit.


Task Management To Move Your Franchise Business Forward

Task management in the franchise industry is challenging: Multiple brands and locations, varying store hours, you name it.

With zignyl, you finally manage all your task lists in one place. Deadlines adjust automatically to your store hours.

And with integrated training material, compliance notes and special reports, task management becomes a tool to move your franchise business forward.


Easy & Effective Task Management That Gets Things Done

  • Daily chronological tasks for all your locations

  • Quick access from the location dashboard tablet

  • Instant notifications, reminders and red flags

  • Flexible deadlines based off store opening hours

  • Pre-loaded for all your franchise brands

  • Easily tweakable to your needs and operations

  • PIN and compliance notes for temperatures, etc.

  • Compliance and task completion reports

  • Categories to separate front and back of the house

  • Additional instructions and sub-tasks

  • Integrated training materials and videos


Task Management is only a Fraction of What zignyl Can Do to Move Your Business Forward

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A precise snapshot of everything you need to know to do your job


A powerful tool to move your business forward

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Exactly the right amount of crew at any time

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Employee Incentives

Clear goals that are created and calculated in minutes

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Task Management

Make sure your locations are running smoothly, even when you're not there

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Human Resources

Manage all employees in one place, across all your locations and brands

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Accessible anywhere by team members from any location

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Cut through the clutter, see what matters most at all your locations

Put zignyl to work for you.