Headache-Free Forecasting to Achieve Your Sales Goals

Forecasting is the foundation for managing your locations.

Precise forecasting lets you create precise schedules in a breeze, so you can capitalize on sales with just the right amount of labor.

Create hourly forecasts in minutes - it's so fast, you need to watch the video to believe it!


 Step One

Base Your Forecast on Historic Sales, Pulled Directly From Your POS

zignyl integrates with your POS, so all your historic sales data is just there. No more spreadsheets. No more manual data exports.

Creating a forecast boils down to choosing the historic time frame (like the "same" week of last year) and adjusting the general trend.


Step Two

Create Your Forecasts to the Hour, in a Matter of Minutes

What about that buzzing job fair in the mall? Just tweak your forecasts manually and add notes, so you'll easily remember next year.

zignyl even creates hourly forecasts for you. Automatically, again based on historic sales. And with the integrated weather feed, you can easily adjust your forecast according to outside conditions.


Step Three

Create Precise Schedules for Exactly the Right Amount of Crew

When it comes to scheduling, the real magic happens: Your hourly forecast appears directly below the scheduler. And by setting the "sales per labor hour", zignyl shows you exactly how many employees you'll need throughout each day.

The result: You'll never have too many or too few crew, so you can capitalize on sales opportunities.

Say No to Busywork & Start Growing Your Franchise Business with zignyl.


Smart Headache-Free Forecasting, Built For The Franchise Industry

  • Precise daily and hourly forecasting

  • Automatic suggestions based on historical sales

  • Manual adjustments for current sales trends

  • Easily editable from multiple places in zignyl

  • Enables precise scheduling based on forecasts

  • Live weather feed

  • Seamless integration with all your POS systems

  • Visible in location dashboard to motivate the crew

  • Visible in owner's dashboard to set and achieve goals

  • Deadlines & notifications for managers

  • Integrated with scheduling & reporting


All the tools you need under one roof.

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A precise snapshot of everything you need to know to do your job

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A powerful tool to move your business forward

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Exactly the right amount of crew at any time

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Employee Incentives

Clear goals that are created and calculated in minutes

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Task Management

Make sure your locations are running smoothly, even when you're not there

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Human Resources

Manage all employees in one place, across all your locations and brands

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Accessible anywhere by team members from any location

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Cut through the clutter, see what matters most at all your locations

Put zignyl to work for you.