Precise & Quick Scheduling to Stop the Communication Chaos

Accurate schedules make everybody's life easier and let you capitalize on sales opportunities.

Quickly schedule all employees across all locations with the zignyl scheduling assistant, based on your hourly forecasts.

And with integrated time-off requests, mobile access and time clock, finally everybody's on the same page.


No More Spreadsheets:

Quick & Visual Scheduling

Old-school scheduling can be a real pain: wrangling with spreadsheets, breaking formulas, juggling availability and time off requests.

zignyl makes scheduling easy and visual: Quickly add shifts according to availability. Schedule employees across several locations. All in one place.


Always the Right Amount of Crew:

Scheduling Assistant Based on Forecasts

Stop copy-and-pasting last week's schedule, which never fit the required labor anyway.

The zignyl scheduling assistant shows you an hourly forecast and helps you create accurate shifts down to the quarter of an hour.

Finally, forecasting and scheduling work hand in hand, so you can capitalize on sales opportunities and never have to many or too few crew.


No More Communication Chaos:

Mobile Access & Instant Notifications

Never have outdated versions of your schedules floating around.

With zignyl, your employees have direct access to their schedule right from their smartphone. They can even request time off or changes in their availability.

And what if there's a last minute change? zignyl notifies your managers and crew automatically, so everybody is on the same page.

Say No to Busywork & Start Growing Your Franchise Business with zignyl.


Nothing Slips Through The Cracks:

Revision History & Compliance

Don't worry about compliance any more. zignyl stores all revisions of your schedule, so neither your employees nor the department of labor can complain.

Internal tasks make sure that your managers create schedules ahead of time, and only for so many weeks out.

The result: No more last-minute schedules, no complaints.


Finally Everything in One Place:

Forecasting, Scheduling & Time Clock

Using different apps or spreadsheets for forecasting, scheduling and time clock means multiple data-entry and programmed chaos.

zignyl makes your life easier by bringing everything together in one place:

Hourly forecasts help you create precise schedules. You finally get insights into scheduled vs. actual hours, thanks to the integrated time clock. You can even correct time punches right away.


Quick Hassle-Free Scheduling, Built For The Franchise Industry

  • Quick, easy and visual scheduling

  • Scheduling assistant based on zignyl's hourly forecasting

  • Multiple shifts within one day, down to the quarter of an hour

  • Schedule employees across several locations

  • See and approve time-off requests directly in the scheduler

  • Check and edit time punches right in the scheduler

  • Instant change notifications via email and text

  • Mobile access for employees to request time off and availability changes

  • Deadlines and notifications for managers

  • Revision history for compliance with the department of labor

  • Reports comparing scheduled and actual labor

  • Integrated with time clock and forecasting


Scheduling is only a Fraction of What zignyl Can Do to Move Your Business Forward

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A precise snapshot of everything you need to know to do your job


A powerful tool to move your business forward

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Exactly the right amount of crew at any time

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Employee Incentives

Clear goals that are created and calculated in minutes

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Task Management

Make sure your locations are running smoothly, even when you're not there

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Human Resources

Manage all employees in one place, across all your locations and brands

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Accessible anywhere by team members from any location

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Cut through the clutter, see what matters most at all your locations

Put zignyl to work for you.