Quick & Easy Time Tracking, Finally in Sync With Your Schedules

With zignyl, time tracking becomes a powerful tool to move your business forward:

Get notified when someone's late to avoid last-minute crisis. Get insightful reports and edit time punches anywhere, even directly from the schedule.

Avoid confusion as to hours worked and make sure you stay compliant - no more headaches.


No more confusion.

Clock in Quickly and Check your Timecards Online

Your employees clock in quickly from the zignyl location dashboard - no more time punches from the POS that slow down sales. Every team member can check his timecards directly from the smartphone and even request changes if necessary.

The result? Full transparency and no more confusion as to hours worked.


Always know what’s going on.

Get Notified When Someone's Late

With zignyl, all your employees and timecards are finally in one place, no matter how many locations and brands you're running. You always know who's in your store and who clocked in late, even if you're not there.

And when a team member hasn't clocked in at all, you'll get notified with their contact info - no more last-minute crises and missed sales!


No more arbitrary time punches.

Time Tracking In Sync With Your Schedule

zignyl makes sure that all your team members clock in according to their shifts, denying early and late time punches. Reviewing timecards is a piece of cake with simple, flexible reports.

And if something did go wrong, you and your managers can edit shifts and time punches from anywhere, even directly from the schedule.

Say No to Busywork & Start Growing Your Franchise Business with zignyl.


No more spreadsheets.

Insightful Reports To Move Your Business Forward

Stop wasting countless hours editing time punches and manually calculating time to combine with other reports. With zignyl, you can review time punches in no time with simple customizable reports.

And you can finally compare actual worked hours and labor costs to what you had scheduled - across all your locations and brands!


Compliance without the headaches.

Automatic Thresholds & Reminders

Stop worrying about the department of labor: zignyl lets you set thresholds per age group and reminds your team members to take breaks when they need to.

Nobody can stay clocked in too long, and all your records are safely stored, backed up and easy to access - for full compliance.


Track Time Easily With Zignyl. Or Import From Your POS.

zignyl can import time punches directly from your POS if necessary. But when using zignyl's integrated time Text clock, the real magic happens.

Your employees get direct access to their timecards from their smartphone. And you and your managers can edit time punches directly from the scheduler.


Quick Hassle-Free Time Tracking, Built For The Franchise Industry

  • Time tracking across all your locations and brands - Integrated into the zignyl location dashboard

  • PIN verification and automatic clock-out

  • No early/late clock-in - only according to shifts

  • Smartphone access for employees to check timecards and request changes

  • Thesholds and reminders for compliance

  • Notifications when team members don't clock in

  • Simple and flexible reports to review timecards

  • Edit time punches from anywhere, even from the scheduler

  • Combined reports comparing scheduled vs. actual hours worked

  • Import from your POS or use the zignyl time clock


Time Tracking is only a Fraction of What zignyl Can Do to Move Your Business Forward

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A precise snapshot of everything you need to know to do your job


A powerful tool to move your business forward

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Exactly the right amount of crew at any time

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Employee Incentives

Clear goals that are created and calculated in minutes

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Task Management

Make sure your locations are running smoothly, even when you're not there

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Human Resources

Manage all employees in one place, across all your locations and brands

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Accessible anywhere by team members from any location

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Cut through the clutter, see what matters most at all your locations

Put zignyl to work for you.