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Hi, we’re zignyl. We’re new to the market and just launched our franchise management app earlier this year. 

First, a little bit about us: zignyl was founded by a restaurant franchisee, Matt Forbush, back in 2016 to solve all the problems he was experiencing running his restaurants. We’ve been there - tucked away in the office, disengaged from employees and customers, but that’s no way to run a restaurant properly. zignyl started as a way to automatically calculate incentives and has grown into an app that combines all the tools you need to run a franchise business while keeping you engaged with your management and employees. By using zignyl to automate day-to-day responsibilities through an easy-to-use platform, a franchisee can ensure their business is operating at peak efficiency in order to accelerate growth and offer a peace of mind.

Curious about the name? zignyl is designed to send you signals when somethings not right. As a franchisee or manager, you’re juggling a million things at once, and really just need to know when to pay more attention to a specific store or employee. You set the rules and we’ll signal you when you need it. 

At zignyl, we’re passionate about making franchisees successful. Through this blog, we’ll be sharing tips on forecasting, scheduling, incentives, and managing employees. And we’d love to hear from you! If you’ve got any questions or feedback for us, or if you just want to say hi, email us at support@zignyl.com. For even more content, follow our social media accounts, linked below, where we regularly post content that contains even more tips and tricks on how to run a franchise more effectively!

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